1. functionality of the site offers what?

Full Love cross-language dating platform. Committed to different regions, different languages, different cultures through the Internet a better mutual understanding, communication and exchange. Here, users can sign up as a member and post log upload photos, update mood, maintain their own personal home page, dazzle the most beautiful; looking for from different countries and regions, like-minded friends and send each other messages, gifts, create polls interaction among its members. Daily login, you can have a higher level of active, high-grade can enjoy the site offers more features. Of course, can also be upgraded to the senior or VIP members use more features and services.

2. how to become a member? Complex process it?

registered to join the site and become a member. Become a member so that you will better understand and use our services. The process is very simple. Access language - free registration.

3. added to the site Join to pay for it? The basic functions are free of the

registered and ordinary member. You can also according to their own preferences to select the service function, or upgrade Premium Membership VIP Member. You need to spend the equivalent of a few glasses of drinks of money, you can order our service and enjoy a more personalized, convenient way to communicate. Of course, you can also choose the duration of service. The longer the period of service, the greater the discount. Details: the recharge - Member upgrade.

4. lost or forgotten passwords how to do?

If you have forgotten or lost your password, you can choose - Home - Login - Forgot Password - enter the mailbox, then the password.

5. Why do you want to fill in personal information, but also upload photos?

personal information to other Member you have a better understanding of, and also about other members imported directly. Personal photos can be relatively specific impression on each other through the network. Of course, you have the right to choose, experience has shown that the personal information others can greatly enhance your understanding of and interest in the degree, upload personal photos that can enhance your attention!

6. What Website coins?

this website to provide users with the gold service, you can purchase and use of gold in this website (some of the features provided by this website service by paying gold coins or upgrade Member to enjoy). The coins do not have unlimited duration. The coins can not be refunded. The coins do not have a monetary value, not the sale or transfer outside the station without permission.

7. recharge coins? What are the deals?

You can after successful login website, click recharge into the top page. We currently only available in PayPal and pay the treasure two kinds of network security payment. All payment is absolutely safe. Site does not have any the automatic memory or repeat fee program. Have any questions, please contact us immediately.

8. How to send free messages? If you need to translate, how to do?

ordinary day 6 mail can be sent free of charge. If you want to send free mail, please upgrade to Premium Membership or VIP members. The same time, we also pay by mail, in addition to free e-mail, per multiple message charges 0.2 gold.

when sending mail, you can choose not to translate. We can also provide e-mail to paid translation, that human translated, basically you submit within two hours to complete the text interpreter. Translation costs calculated by gold per 100 characters (50 in the text) need gold coins, and at least 1 gold each letter. Currently in our version of the page language translation can be achieved. Specifically: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, German, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese.

the same time, the site also provides an online translation function, but only for members' reference translation results, responsible for the loss of membership due to translation errors caused.

9. interactive and other members how to achieve?

site offers a variety of interaction among members: you can comment on the photos, the mood of the other members or friends of the log, to participate in the vote posted by others (praise), vote for your favorite members share other member or friend new, exchanged by e-mail, instant messaging, etc..

10. direct exchange in addition to sending e-mail and other members, as well as what other way? addition to mail to meet the direct exchange between Member

website also offers one-on-one instant messaging, you can choose to upgrade membership to use the instant messaging function can also purchase this feature directly coins. Instant messaging is not limited to the number of messages.

11. upgrade? Upgrade to Premium Membership or VIP members what's the use?

you can log in - Upgrade Membership - choose to upgrade items - Submit. Premium Membership and VIP is a monthly membership, enjoy the site offers more features and services, reference information, please visit: recharge - Member.

12. upgrade for Friends members or recharge gold?

website provides friends or other members to upgrade their membership or recharge coins function, at the same time, you can enjoy your (recharge square) can enjoy prepaid!

13. praise what's the use? How to praise others? praise

is essentially a reflection of the number of users Full Love the global popularity. Last January, the most popular member Ranking will be listed on the home page of our website on a monthly basis.

You only need to click the red roses like icon to praise. To be fair, you have the same day to the same person can only free praise, For the day to the same person more praise to pay 0.2 gold / ticket. Accept voting restrictions.

14. websites have a real gift? How to send real gifts?

website does not support true gift to send each other, website, notice will be given on the site in advance.

15. delete account?

You have the right to delete your account, please send a message to your registered email letter contact to inform us or with stations confirmed, we will delete your account and all registration information.

16. complaints against illegal member?

We strictly control the illegal untrue Member, and ask you to transfer to a personal situation. If you notice, please contact us immediately inform their user name and the subject of complaint. We will investigate and take measures as soon as possible. Any comments and suggestions, or station Please contact us or send an email to

Thank you!

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